Many questions can help determine the presence of a problem and whether an individual meets the criteria for addiction or alcoholism.

~ Do they have difficulty controlling the amount of substances they use?

~ Do they have trouble controlling when or where they use?

~ Does their usage cause adverse consequences?

~ Has the problem been going on for some time?

If the answer is is “yes” to any of these questions, it is wise to seek a professional evaluation.

Outpatient Services

We offer family-based treatment for families struggling with addiction. We are a group of family therapists who specialize in helping addicts get their lives together. We educate codependents so they understand their role in the addictive family system. We help all family members engage in a recovery process which will guide them toward developing healthy and satisfying lives.

Substance Abuse Intervention

We begin by assessing the situation. We determine what is needed to help move the addict forward in treatment  – what level of treatment might be needed and what other support should be in place. The situation might simply require outpatient counseling, or there may be a crisis calling for acute care and possible placement in a residential treatment facility. Alternatively, another level of care might be called for that is on the continuum between outpatient and acute treatment.


If the addict is a young adult, we have extensive experience working with educational consultants,
escort services, residential programs, and aftercare programs. We assist you in choosing the program that is appropriate for your child’s transition towards adulthood.


If the addict is an adult and requires acute care, there are a number of clinically sound adult treatment programs that we collaborate with. We are members of the Network of Independent Interventionists and this network has access to and information about hundreds of residential treatment programs throughout the country.


Treatment Program

Our recent book, My Addicted Child (2015), and our upcoming book, My Addicted Spouse, lay out our unique approach. We believe that the treatment field is still in its infancy and the reason traditional programs routinely experience only a 50% success rate is their failure to include the enablers, the codependents, and the family in the treatment process.


Before you choose a program for your loved one, ask the staff if they include the enabling codependents in the weekly counseling sessions throughout the early months of treatment. The staff may reply that they offer a “Family Weekend” or a “Family Program” and that they refer family members to Al-Anon for support. This is NOT TREATMENT. To fully heal the extensive damage to a marriage or a family, ongoing family therapy is necessary. Our goal is not only to stop the substance use, but to restore the individual and the family relationships to a happy and healthy state.


If you have questions about this, please give us a call. We have nearly two decades of producing a positive outcome. We are not a 30-day or 90-day program. We are family therapists who specialize in treating addictive disorders and achieving sustainable, long-term recovery for the entire family.


Below is a sample Treatment Agreement for our Intensive, Family-based Outpatient Program. This level of care may be the initial treatment of choice and/or it can serve as an Aftercare Program or Step Down Program for someone who is discharging from residential treatment.

Addiction / Codependency Family Treatment Program 

Treatment for the addict:

1. Addict – Stop all substance use, detox, and move into an appropriate sober living environment.

2. Individual and Family Therapy.

3. Group Therapy.

4. Addict – agrees to attend 12-Step meetings, get a sponsor, work the steps; 90 meetings in 90 days and, and then continue  attending regular meetings until graduation from program.

5. Addict agrees to frequent, random, and observed drug testing.

6. If unemployed, addict agrees to get a developmentally appropriate, honorable, entry-level, full-time job.

7. Addict agrees to stay away from “using friends” for 90 days.


Treatment for the codependents:

1. Individual and Family Therapy.

2. Group Therapy.

3. Co-dependent(s) – Agrees to attend Al-Anon, get a sponsor, work the steps, go to 1-2 meetings a week.

4. Co-dependent(s) – Agrees to remain abstinent from substances during the initial 2 months of treatment.


Treatment for the whole family:

1. Family Therapy.

2. Family agrees to attend together an Al-Anon meeting three times in the first 90 days of treatment. (Arrive early, stay 10 minutes afterward).

3. Family agrees to attend together three AA meetings in the first 90 days of treatment. (Arrive early, stay 10 minutes afterward).

4. The Intensive Phase ends after both:

A. The Addict: Has one year of continuous sobriety and completes the 12 Steps; and

B. The Co-dependent(s): Completes the 12 Steps.

5. A referral to a residential treatment program if this level of care is insufficient.


Clinical Fees

Your insurance may cover some or all of the treatment expenses. Give us a call with your insurance information so that we can assess your level of coverage. We do not a have a set fee because we evaluate and treat each family individually. Our fees typically are much lower than those of large treatment programs.