In their seminal work of 1998 titled, The Alcoholic Family in Recovery, Stephanie Brown, Ph.D. and Virginia Lewis, Ph.D. demonstrated the role of the family in successful recovery from addiction. The treatment field since then has slowly begun to acknowledge the family component in effective addiction treatment. Many treatment programs today offer family workshops or family weekends.

However, our approach is different in scope. In our view, comprehensive family work is
central to recovery, both for the addict and for the codependent family members. From the beginning of treatment, we believe the process needs to include work with the codependent family system. We believe this is the foundation of successful recovery, for the addict and for the family.

Steps to Freedom provides an opportunity not only for addicts to achieve and sustain sobriety, but for their codependent family members to achieve serenity and healing. This groundbreaking bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach is designed to inspire each family member to focus on their own needs, resume healthy development and move towards attaining their full potential.

Steps To Freedom Family Recovery Center offers a comprehensive long-term recovery system for families. Beware of programs that do not include codependent family members both in weekly counseling sessions and in long term treatment planning. Nationwide, the success rate for addiction treatment is only 50%. We believe the major reason for this is the fact that the enabling codependents are often excluded from treatment.